The 2018 Midwest BunFest event has been cancelled this year, but will be revived by having a Virtual 2018 Midwest BunFest. The annual Midwest BunFest, an event that brings together 1,100 + rabbit lovers in the form of sponsors, vendors and owners, has been cancelled this year in the best interest of the bunnies.  The event was cancelled due to rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus 2 (RHD2) that is highly dangerous to the rabbit community.

According to the official cancellation statement that was released about the event, “RHD2 is very contagious and highly fatal,” The Ohio House Rabbit Rescue (OHRR), the host of the Midwest BunFest, said.  “As this situation continues to develop, there are many unknowns about this virus.”

Based on OHRR’s commitment to the safety of all rabbits, they made the difficult decision to cancel the popular event and host the event virtually in its place. The virtual Midwest BunFest will be live on the OHRR between Saturday, October 27 and  November 10.

The organization is taking the event virtual to help Sponsors, Vendors, and Rescue Partners of the Fest recoup funds lost by the event cancelation. The virtual event will offer online shops, fundraisers and educational materials.

The virtual fest aims at providing the same sense of community the annual festival provides. “We also hope that it will help fill the void for our attendees as they can still interact with their favorite companies/organizations and connect with fellow rabbit lovers,” OHRR said.

Rabbit owners are being encouraged to shares photos of their rabbit “attending” the event by posting photos of their rabbits to the event page.

For more information on how to take place in this virtual event or give back to the rabbit community, please visit the links below to learn more.

– Kaylee

Picture credit: Public Domain Pictures