PetPromise is a Columbus based pet rescue comprised of dedicated volunteers that offers several resources for pet adoption and the improvement of pet lives in Central Ohio. PetPromise’s motto, “Life for Pets, Pets for Life,” highlights the dedication of this organization to pets for life.

Founded in February 2000 by Cynthia Butler Carson, and Paul Carson, PetPromise continues to grow, and now offers several programs, including:

  • Dog foster and adoption
  • Cat foster and adoption
  • Trap, neuter, return program (City Kitty)
  • A Pet Food Pantry for low-income Central Ohio residents

“I’ve stayed with PetPromise for all these years because it is, in my opinion, one of the most professional rescues in the area .Rescue isn’t something I do. It’s who I am. I’ve found my life’s mission, and I have my PetPromise family to thank for that,” explains Amanda Grey Moore, PetPromise President.

Below are descriptions of each PetPromise program, and ways you can help animals in your community.

Dog Foster and Adoption

This program had over 100 successful dog adoptions in 2014 and hopes to reach or exceed this number in 2015. PetPromiseHusky dog smiling at the camera, ready for adoption!
pulls at risk dogs from the Franklin County Dog Shelter, as well as a shelter in rural Kentucky, placing emphasis on rescuing special needs cases (dogs that are on the euthanasia list due to age, illness, or injuries). The dog foster program also has a love for the number one breed most often euthanized in shelters, pit bulls. PetPromise has rescued neglected, abused, and abandoned dogs, giving them the second chance they deserve.

Recently, PetPromise pulled an 8 year old Norwegian Elk Hound, Loki from the shelter, saving him from his spot on the euthanasia list- Loki is now up for adoption!

“I personally go and assess each dog we take before we bring them into our program,” notes Kelly McCafferty Pederson, PetPromise Dog Program Director.

The dog foster program is always looking for foster homes, transport volunteers, and donations. You can learn more about fostering by contacting or filling out an online application.

Cat Foster and Adoption

This program pulls at risk cats from area humane societies, as well as takes in abandoned, or neglected cats and kittens. In 2014 the cat foster program had 112 successful adoptions, meeting its adoption goal, and hopes to exceed this in 2015. Currently, 46 adoptable cats reside in 22 foster homes.   If you are thinking of adding a loving companion to you home permanently, check out the adorable personalities of adoptable cats at

“I decided to foster kitties because [PetPromise] made it so easy. All I do is provide love and a safe place to grow. In return I have the satisfaction of knowing I played part in making their sad beginning a happy ending. It’s an easy and rewarding way to make the world a better place.”- Jenny Ewing

The cat foster program is in special need of responsible, loving foster homes. The program gets many requests A cat before and after rescsueto bring homeless cats in to the program each day (especially during spring and summer kitten seasons), but the lack of foster homes makes this impossible, and cats have to be turned away daily due to scarce open foster spots. You can learn more about fostering by contacting or filling out an online application.

Both of the cat and dog foster and adoption programs work hard to ensure adoptable animals are going to great homes. But sometimes things don’t work out, and PetPromise will be there for the pet, for life, by asking adopters to sign a contract stating if they ever have to give up the animal, they will contact PetPromise to admit the pet back into PetPromise’s

City Kitty – Trap, Neuter, Return

PetPromise helps control feral cat numbers in Central Ohio through City Kitty, their Trap, Neuter, Return (TNR) program. The City Kitty effort started in 2005 with the goal of eliminating the breeding cycle, and thus preventing more homeless cats. In the last ten years, this program assisted in spaying/neutering over 3,300 cats. TNR programs also help the health of feral cats, who receive rabies vaccines at the time of their spay/neuter and after their sterilization stop negative behaviors like fighting, roaming, and disease spreading that coincide with mating.

If you are helping to care for a group (colony) of feral cats, or know someone who is, you can benefit apply for spay/neuter vouchers by contacting Spay and neuter surgeries are preformed by Shelter Outreach Services of Ohio (SOS) located on Columbus’ west side, all you need to do is trap the cats, and transport them to and from surgery.

Pet Food Pantry

The PetPromise Pet Food Pantry was created to temporarily assist pet owners who are low-income and struggling to feed their animals. Its goal is to help these individuals through tough times by keeping their pets with them, and out of shelters. In 2014, the program distributed almost 5,000 pounds of cat and dog food to community members, an 11-percent increase of food distributed in 2013. Unfortunately, the need for pet food assistance is expected to grow in 2015.

You can assist the Pet Food Pantry program by donating pet food to the pantry, or making a monetary donation by contacting

Pet Promise Volunteers

The volunteers of PetPromise programs are just like you; they work full-time jobs, have families, and lives of their own–and still find time to be dedicated volunteers working together to improve and save the lives of pets throughout Central Ohio.

Below are some thoughts from a few PetPromise cat foster parents on why they choose to foster and save lives: Cat at food dish in poor health

“Fostering is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. The joy of seeing these amazing creatures transform from being sick, injured, scared or starved for attention into loving, healthy, happy fur balls is the best feeling in the world.’–Janice Pierpoin

“I foster because all the cats deserve a shot at a happy life. Most of the cats who are abandoned are so vivacious and full of personality. It’s very fulfilling to know that I have a chance to help show them love and compassion.”- Morgan BondCat lying in the sun in good health

“I have met my three closest friends thru fostering. It’s one of the best (and honestly sometimes the hardest and heartbreaking) parts of my life. I plan to foster forever. “- Angela Christianson

Additional Ways You Can Help

  • Thinking about adopting a pet? Visit PetPromise online or follow them on Facebook to learn more about the dogs and cats looking for their forever homes.
  • Do you like to run? You can run a 5k and to support PetPromise in the upcoming Rescue Run fundraiser event. Visit for more information or to register.

-Merri Collins

Merri is from Meigs County, Ohio and graduated from Ohio University with a Bachelor Degree in Journalism. She works as a Marketing Coordinator full-time, and also as a freelance copy-writer. Merri has always had a passion for supporting animal rights and helping animals in need. She is a PetPromise cat foster, performs TNR in her area, and has an adopted cat named Big Poppa.