Jendell Duffner-GreenScoop

Green Scoop owner Jendell Duffner with her display. You can find her at a variety of pet-related events promoting her services and educating pet owners on the environmental impact of pet waste.

Pet ownership is both a blessing and a source of comfort to millions of animal loving Americans but it’s not without its challenges or chores. Walking around the yard after your pet armed with a pooper scooper or a plastic baggie is probably one of the most unpleasant tasks that comes to a pet owner’s mind.

Not only is this task unpleasant, but it also creates waste that will end up sitting in our landfills for years to come, a real issue for those who are trying to adopt a greener and cleaner lifestyle.

That’s where Green Scoop, a central Ohio based business can aid both pet lovers and the eco-conscious alike.

“I call it poop with potential,” says Jendell Duffner, the owner and founder of Green Scoop.

Unlike other companies that offer pet waste removal, Green Scoop doesn’t dump the waste in a landfill; instead it’s turned into mulch and compost and even converted to energy in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG).

“I am the only company in the country to turn pet waste into energy, and the third in the country to start composting pet waste.” said Duffner. One of Duffner’s company vehicles actually runs on CNG from pet waste.

“It’s not a new idea to use CNG to run a vehicle, but the difference between my CNG vehicle and most others is mine comes from a renewable resource instead of from the ground,” said Duffner.

The young mother of two started her business one year ago after taking small business classes, but almost gave up on her idea when she realized it would mean competing against major companies that were already well established, she said.

“Then I talked to my mentor, whose family is from Europe and she gave me the idea of composting the pet waste, a common occurrence in Europe but fairly new to the United States,” she said.

Duffner, who has always been interested in the environment since she was horrified by a trip to a local landfill as a child, was intrigued by the idea of composting pet waste.

“I thought if they do it in Europe why can’t we do it here?” said Duffner.

The business owner faced several hurdles when she first began her new venture, from the challenges of running a small business while holding a full time job (Duffner worked full time until March of this year) to the initial resistance to using pet waste as compost.

“I’ve had to explain this to my clients, that while gardeners have been told never to use pet waste on their gardens, that’s because without proper testing there’s no way to tell if it’s safe to use or not,” she said “My pet waste compost will be soil tested for safety before I am able to sell it to customers.”

While her pet waste compost is currently still breaking down, she also offers delivery of cow and manure compost for gardening enthusiasts.

Duffner, who celebrated her 1-year anniversary on Earth Day of this year, is pleased that she’s able to not only live her dream as a small business owner, but also make a difference on the environment and her community.

“Some people want to just buy my compostable bags, and while I think it’s great that they want to support me and my business, I have to explain to them that without the service, it doesn’t really help the environment, she said.

“People don’t understand that most of the pet waste they throw away doesn’t break down right away, it just sits in these plastic bags, compostable or not, for years to come.”

Green Scoop offers a variety of services and products, including pet waste pick up, yard pick up, food compost pick up, and mulch and topsoil delivery for current customers.

“If you don’t think it makes a difference, it does, there’s 10 million tons of pet waste in our landfills,” said Duffner.

To learn more about Green Scoop visit their website or call (614) 699-0011. – Kimberly Hill

Kimberly Hill is an animal lover, a travel enthusiast, a veteran and a Columbus, Ohio native.