If you take a walk in the early morning you might see a bunny hanging in a yard or along the side of the road. They’re so cute! It’d be tempting to have such a soft and cuddly animal to hang out with each day. Bunnies make great pets, but there are some things you’ll want to know before hopping into bun guardianship.

  1. Your bunny may be fluffy and cute, but that doesn’t mean it won’t poop! And it’s going to poop. A lot. Your home will look Two girls playing with a bunnylike it got a visit from the brown nugget fairy constantly, and you must arm yourself with a dustpan and broom to clean up!
  1. Rabbits are curious. They are like having a perpetual toddler crawling around and getting into all the places you wish they wouldn’t. Do not underestimate the power of bunny-proofing! Hide those wires, cover what you want to protect from gnaw marks! But know that you will still find holes in the things you love, no matter how many times you put them away.
  1. Your bun will not be cheap or easy. Have access to a rabbit-friendly store and scope out a vet! Rabbits are classified as exotic animals and you don’t want to travel far for help in a bunny-related emergency.
  1. Rabbits keep you busy! Be vigilant and stay up to date on vet care, have pellets, snacks and hay stored up. There’s a lot this furry little friend needs and you’re the best friend who will provide it all.
  1. After winter, prepare for the great shed. Hair will be everywhere. Buns need careful brushing to remove the excess hair. If you’ve sprung for a long-haired pal, remember to groom. It may take a couple times to warm up to, but eventually your bun will appreciate the hairstyling!
  1. Puberty is hell. Remember the angst and weird habits? Rabbits go through it, too. Consider altering your bun to help with the aggression and potty habits!
  1. Banana is king. Want your bun to come? Want to bond? Want to just do something nice for your little friend? A little slice of banana will go a long way with these guys. I have yet to meet a bunny who didn’t go crazy for bananas.
  1. Your bunny will binky. Cherish it. Make sure to give your bunny time to run around! If they have enough space they will dash back and forth and jump this way and that like they’re in a marathon. It will be some of the funniest, cutest bunny action you will ever witness.
  1. They like to play, and everything is a toy. Sure, you’re going to need chew blocks and balls and things with bells for them to push around. But a bun will get just as much joy out of a cardboard box or a toilet paper roll. There’s a certain kind of beauty in that.
  1. Your bun will be your best friend. Take the time to socialize every day, give them space to run and play, and a lap to hop up on and cuddle in. Buns make great friends who will never judge you, always remain soft and cute, and will enjoy your company. They’ll only occasionally beg for a carrot.

Do you have a pet bunny? If so, please share any additional tips with the Ohio Animal Companion community in the comments below. – Danika Stahl

Danika Stahl is a Journalism student at the Ohio State University, interested in PR work. She loves all that is local, wholesome, cuddly, and cheesy. In her spare time Danika walks dogs, writes, explores the outdoors, and eats a lot of ice cream.  

photo credit: Run Rabbit, Run! 🙂 via photopin (license)