Venus Close Up

Life with Venus

Each year the last full week of September serves as National Deaf Dog Awareness Week. In recognition of these important pets, we had the opportunity to speak with an Ohio pet lover who shares her home with a deaf dog. Amelia Binderfolder lives in Westerville, Ohio with her pit bull mix, Venus. Looking at Venus, […]

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Native Bees: Pollination Super Heroes

Sun-ripened tomatoes, char-grilled zucchini and peach cobbler dazzle our summertime potlucks and picnics. The summer season brings some of the most delicious, nourishing foods—especially if you’ve grown and picked them yourself at the peak of ripeness. But the summer sun and rain alone aren’t enough to bring delicious foods to our table. If it weren’t […]

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Tick on the tip of a blade of grass

Summer Time Means Tick Time

We’ve all heard of them. Perhaps some of us have had the displeasure of finding one of these little critters attached to our skin or the skin of our pets. The very thought of these ectoparasites sends shudders up the spine. Yep – I’m talking about ticks! Ticks are tiny arachnids, a class that includes […]

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An opossum with two babies on her back in the grass with a yellow flower.

Do you think you know opossums? Think again!

As the weather begins to warm up in Ohio, we begin to see wildlife emerge from a long winter’s rest. Some of these animals become frequent sights around dusk in our neighborhoods, yards, and streets. One such animal that many people view as “ugly,” “scary,” and a “pest” is the Virginia opossum. Unfortunately, due to […]

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A smiling dog on a leash with the owner holding the leash

Three Training Methods for You and Your Dog

Our dogs give us companionship, fun, and unconditional love. They may also give us barking, muddy paws on the sofa, and chew marks all over our favorite pair of designer shoes. While dogs may be humankind’s best friends, they are also living creatures with agendas of their own–agendas that may not necessarily line up with […]

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Two girls playing with a bunny

10 Things to Know Before Becoming a Bun Guardian

If you take a walk in the early morning you might see a bunny hanging in a yard or along the side of the road. They’re so cute! It’d be tempting to have such a soft and cuddly animal to hang out with each day. Bunnies make great pets, but there are some things you’ll […]

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Dog with an ice bag on her head

Pet Cancer: What to look for, and what to expect

The mere mention of the word cancer evokes unpleasant thoughts and emotions. It is a sad realization that our pets, as with humans, can develop certain cancers. Dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, and reptiles…all species develop cancer. Pet owners should be aware of what to look for, and what to expect if signs of cancer appear. […]

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RescueSpotlight-  PetPromise

Rescue Spotlight: PetPromise

PetPromise is a Columbus based pet rescue comprised of dedicated volunteers that offers several resources for pet adoption and the improvement of pet lives in Central Ohio. PetPromise’s motto, “Life for Pets, Pets for Life,” highlights the dedication of this organization to pets for life. Founded in February 2000 by Cynthia Butler Carson, and Paul […]

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