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Resolve to Help the Animals in 2015

It’s that time of year… Resolution time! Time when we reflect upon the past year, think about the future, and start to make commitments about the upcoming year. Since you’re reading this article, I’ll assume you’re interested in animals and helping to improve their lives. Volunteering for animals can be one of the most rewarding […]

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Barn Owl Close-Up

Ohio’s Endangered Barn Owl

Almost everyone is familiar with the classic image of a Barn Owl. The heart-shaped face with the large round eyes, the  tawny body, and the adorable “smiling” expression they make when they sleep. But how much do we really know about these animals? Despite their secretive nature, biologists have been able to learn a lot […]

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Holiday Cat and Dog

10 Great Holiday Gifts for Your Pet

With the holidays fast approaching it’s likely you are making your Christmas list, and checking it twice! Your mom has a book waiting under the tree; you bought your dad a gift card, but what about your pets? According to a survey, 63 percent of dog owners, and 58 percent of cat owners will […]

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Gerbil in Hand

Pocket Pets Offer Companionship in Small Packages

Dogs are great and cats are awesome but sometimes our larger, better known four-legged friends overshadow some of the other critters that also make wonderful companion options. “Pocket pet” is a term used to describe any small mammal that is domesticated and kept as a household pet. They can range anywhere from the common hamster […]

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Ohio Striped Skunk

Everything You Wanted to Know About Ohio’s Striped Skunk

Almost everyone thinks of the same thing when it comes to skunks – the smell, right? As it turns out, skunks rarely “spray” predators unless startled, and will usually give warning signals before they do. But the striped skunk, an Ohio native, is actually a complex animal with a lot more interesting features than just […]

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Old Black Dog Resting

Looking for Love? Adopt a Senior Pet!

“Forgotten4Paws has over 75 cats aged six to fourteen. Some have been with us over eight years. While we show cats for adoption at the Easton Petsmart, the older cats don’t do well in that setting and are in foster homes. Therefore, the only way we can ‘promote’ these cats is through our website, Facebook, […]

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Lessons from Franklin

The first night Franklin stayed with us we spent most of the night searching the neighborhood for him. We never figured out how he got out of our fenced-in yard, but after a few hours of searching it was dark, so we placed our last sign on the telephone pole furthest from our house and […]

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Woman Holding Dog

Adopting a Shelter Dog

The ASPCA estimates that 3.9 million dogs enter a shelter each year. Many of these animals will be reunited with their owners or find new homes, however, many will not and are at risk of euthanization. If you’re considering adding a new family member, a shelter is a great place to find the love of […]

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