A grey and white bunny with a red bow on it.

Planning for Easter Bunny Adoption

Last April I found myself browsing the pet listing on Craigslist Columbus. With Easter just around the corner, an influx of “baby bunnies! Easter special!” posts were littering the pages, one after the other. I could not help but wonder how many people were lured into the $5 bunny frenzy unprepared. Unfortunately, over 900 rabbits […]

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Dog scratching an itch with hind paw.

Simple Remedies for Sensitive Skin

Like humans, many dogs suffer from sensitive skin, and one of the top reasons dog owners take their pups to the vet is for skin irritation. Dry skin, skin rashes due to allergies, and constant scratching are common issues dogs face. Consistent vet visits can be costly, especially if they don’t seem to be solving […]

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Growing Up Wild

Spring is a time when many animals begin their mating seasons, which will be followed shortly by lots of baby critters! Infancy is a very interesting period in an animal’s life. Animals have to learn how to find food, avoid predators, reproduce, and much more – all in a very short amount of time. How […]

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Foster Kitty in Bed

Making a Difference: Why I Foster

The year after my college graduation, pet fever hit me harder than ever. I had always grown up with pets around, and then, especially then, during my awkward, ‘I am out of school for the first time in almost 17 years, I have no idea what I am doing with my life,’ stage as I […]

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Cat and Dog

Spaying and Neutering: The Healthy Choice!

Spaying and neutering our pets is of great importance. Not only does spaying and neutering help reduce an overwhelmingly high stray/homeless, neglected and unwanted pet population, but it can also help reduce or eliminate certain health risks for your pet. Below is a review of some of the medical and behavioral issues that arise in […]

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Second feral cat shelter

Make a Feral Cat Shelter for Under $10

Winter is here with a biting vengeance. Temperatures around Ohio have been dipping below zero with wind chills reaching the frigid negatives. On your work commute you may have heard wind chill advisories on the radio encouraging you to stay out of the cold as a precaution to frostbite. It is equally important that during […]

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Will You Be Mine?

Love is in the air! It’s that time of year… It’s February and as we humans are planning outings with our sweethearts the animal kingdom is starting to buzz as well. While squirrels and birds may not be heading out to the newest restaurant, they are engaging in unique courtship rituals. Although not exactly romantic, […]

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Cardinal on Snowy Branch

The Great Backyard Bird Count

What was the first sound you heard when you woke up this morning? (After the alarm, of course!) If your household is quiet, chances are it was birdsong. Gordon Hempton, an acoustic ecologist who records sounds of our natural world, shares that humans have a “very discreet bandwidth of super sensitive hearing, which falls between […]

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