Goats at Sunrise Sanctuary

Finding Sanctuary in Marysville

The experience of stopping by Sunrise Animal Sanctuary in Marysville, Ohio, is like having pages of E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web come to life. Behind the house, which provides shelter for dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, gerbils, chinchillas—and the occasional duck—are three barns that house a variety of farm animals. While it appears that one barn is specifically […]

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Buckets of grass

Green Pet Care 101

When you think of ways to go green, don’t forget about the pets in your family. They are, after all, part of the household, and the little actions can add up. Your pets may not care whether they lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle, but it can benefit them and the world around them in ways […]

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Dog with ball

Beat the Heat (Stroke) and Other Things to Consider this Summer

Here in central Ohio, I and many of my friends and family are still talking about the harshly cold weather that we all had to live through this winter! It is such a relief that we now can enjoy the sweetly warm summer sunshine. Like me, I am sure that most of you enjoy spending […]

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Green Scoop Van

Company Turns Pet Waste into Renewable Energy

Pet ownership is both a blessing and a source of comfort to millions of animal loving Americans but it’s not without its challenges or chores. Walking around the yard after your pet armed with a pooper scooper or a plastic baggie is probably one of the most unpleasant tasks that comes to a pet owner’s […]

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Dog at Vet

Pet Insurance: Is it Right for You?

As any pet owner who has raced their ill or injured companion to the vet knows, keeping your pet healthy can be hard on the wallet. Something as innocent as a swallowed string can result in thousands of dollars in surgery bills. And of course, just like us, pets can develop conditions like heart disease, […]

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Dog Behind Gate

Going Postal: Keep Your Dog (and Mail Carrier) Safe

The Post Office hates your dog. Don’t get me wrong, your mailman may say that he loves dogs. He may even have dogs himself. He, although never admitting it to you, hates your dog. And rightfully so. Dogs cause postal carriers a degree of headache and worry that few people have to deal with on […]

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Goldfinch on Coneflower Seed

The Wildlife-Friendly Yard: Positive Impact

With our landscape radically altered by human activity, home gardeners have a real chance to help wildlife. By boosting insect populations through landscaping with native plants, you can design an outdoor space of any size—from a collection of flowerpots to an expanse of several acres—to attract wild creatures such as butterflies, birds, bees and more. […]

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Overweight Boxer

Help Your Pet Achieve His Ideal Weight

Is Fluffy looking a bit flabby? Is Rex becoming rotund? Unfortunately, obesity is an all-to-common issue in pets today. Obesity can lead to a number of significant health concerns. In this article I will review obesity, what can lead to it, what are the hazards of being overweight, and what you can do to help […]

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