Woman Holding Dog

Adopting a Shelter Dog

The ASPCA estimates that 3.9 million dogs enter a shelter each year. Many of these animals will be reunited with their owners or find new homes, however, many will not and are at risk of euthanization. If you’re considering adding a new family member, a shelter is a great place to find the love of […]

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Feral Tabby

Celebrate National Feral Cat Day

National Feral Cat Day is October 16th, 2014. This national recognition is an important step in the battle to educate the public about proper and humane treatment of feral cats. What is a feral cat, and why should you care about its well being? Let me introduce Shifty. Shifty is thought to be about five […]

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Brown Bat

Bats: More Friend than Foe

It was hard to get a good look at while it fluttered softly and silently. Eventually it landed, clinging to the white and green wallpaper. It looked so out of place, and my mother screamed as it took flight and dad tried to catch it with a broom. At the young age of 5 years, […]

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Help for Hermit Crabs

They are sold in beach shops, handed out as prizes at carnival booths, and touted by pet stores as an “easy” pet. But to be happy and healthy, hermit crabs have specific needs that few casual purchasers are prepared to meet. For Mary Ann Casselman, founder of the Mill Creek Hermit Crab Sanctuary of Northwest […]

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Building a Community of Caring

Charlene and her puppy Chocolate have been coming to Faithful Forgotten Best Friends (FFBF) for a few months now to get pet food and see the vet. She only comes when she is completely out of food, so as to not take it from others who need it more. She loves all of the people […]

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Cat at the Table

Wet, Dry, or Homemade: Adventures in Feline Feeding

Feeding your cat can be complicated. As someone who has had a dog most of his life, I figured that taking care of a cat wouldn’t be much different. One policy I had adopted over time with my dog was that I would feed him the same things that I ate; his diet consisted of […]

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Dog and cat

Heartworm in Dogs and Cats

Dirofilaria immitis, also known as the heartworm, is a parasite that can cause significant disease in dogs and cats including disease of the lungs and other organs, and possibly heart failure. The best way to deal with heartworm is to prevent it in the first place, as treatment options for dogs can be costly and […]

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Charlie with patients

Delivering Smiles: Charlie the Therapy Dog Makes His Rounds

It seems like a typical day at any hospital. Nurses and doctors clad in scrubs walk through the halls, pens and charts in hand, while family and friends pop in and out of rooms to visit patients, some bringing food and flowers. A typical day, until they round a corner and come face to face […]

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